How to Get Rid of Malware and Virus from Mac 

Benjamin Noah
Written by Benjamin Noah

No system is immune to viruses, and a Mac is no exception. There is no need to worry if you think your system is infected, as curing the system is possible and easy; however, it is essential to analyze the situation and make sure your Mac isn’t infected with the virus before jumping to conclusions.

How to figure out if your Mac has viruses?

These are some indicators that help you identify if your system has malware or not.

  1. Your system has started to slow down, and everything takes more time.
  2. You are encountering more ads than you usually do.
  3. Your device is acting strangely. For example, you are redirected to untrustworthy websites while browsing.
  4. Unfamiliar Apps start to show up on your device that you didn’t install.

Once you have successfully detected the presence of a virus, it is time to remove the viruses. One of the best ways to remove viruses is to use a dedicated virus removal application.

A tool helps you to remove malware with minimum system damage.

How to fix your infected Mac?

Let’s follow these steps.

  1. Install a virus removal tool. Avast Security for Mac is a great tool that not only resolves your current issues but also protects your device from future threats. It efficiently identifies and gets rid of the malware in no time. You can avail yourself of the premium version for better security.
  2. Remember the unfamiliar Apps you just saw; it is time to remove them. To uninstall those apps, first, you need to go to ‘Finder’ and then locate the Apps. Then drag them to ‘Trash’, or you can right-click on the unwanted App and select ‘Move to Trash’ and you are done.
  3. The next step includes some more deleting. Now it is time to delete those unnecessary browser extensions that you may have kept to block ads, manage cookies, or style your web page. You must realise that strange web extensions often make your device prone to virus attacks.

Identifying and removing viruses by uninstalling Apps and web extensions is a little time consuming, but it works for most minor malware that your device is facing. Though it is a manual and easy way, this process might not be effective for all viruses. Avast Security for Mac is an expert that removes viruses faster and more effectively.

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