How to Disable Ads and Spam Notifications

How to Disable Ads and Spam Notifications
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Written by Elijah Lucas

It is us who get actually very much irritated. At the same time, our continuous engagement with our android device or desktop, or even laptop drowns within the bucket of sudden unwanted ads and spam notifications. Suppose we are watching some important videos and working on a very important assignment, such unwanted guests make the whole situation a bit problematic. We have searched a lot, but could not find it. So, let’s mind some ideas that can make us free from such problems.

Putting No Entry Board to the Ads and Notifications in your Android Phone.

Firstly, you are getting disturbed by a particular app’s notification again and again. Want to put a stop to it, right? Okay, just press and hold the notification for a few seconds on your android phone. You’ll definitely get an option to turn off the notification. Just click on that. The notification will never pop up in front of your eyes.

But, no, you don’t want any particular app to stop sending notifications. Instead, you enjoy all the apps on your phone to stop sending notifications while you are investing your own time and concentration for some work of your own. No problem, That’s just a few steps away. Visit the settings option of the phone, and Here you will get the ‘Apps and Notification’ option which might differ for OEM. Just click on this option. The notification system from the apps will stop individually.

Putting No Entry Board to the Ads and Notifications in your Browser

When you are practically watching this kind of notification from some particular browsers, the process is a bit the same. Just select and long-press the particular notification for a long time.

Otherwise, one can visit the browser settings, where he/ she will eventually get Site settings, and then from there, one can easily reach Notifications to Manage Notifications individually. Here one can ensure two options—–>

  • You can entirely stop blocking the browser notification.
  • Or, you can make the sites compelled to seek your permission before showing some of the notifications.

Just follow these steps, you will get rid of those notifications and ads. Your work your enjoyment will be free from any such hindrances. Happy virtual time ahead.

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