Best safari browser alternatives for Mac 2022

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Written by William Johnson

Safari is by far the most popular web browser for Mac users. This is mainly because it’s free and because of Apple’s Safari ecosystem, which includes the iWork suite of apps, Pages, and Keynote, along with iMovie, GarageBand, and a host of other apps.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of browsers that can take on the role of a text-only browser for Mac users.

1.) Tor

One alternative to this dilemma is Tor, a software suite whose main objective is to allow users to bypass censorship, traffic filters, and other forms of tracking. With its free client called Tor Browser, it offers an easy-to-use on-the-fly web browser, with an emphasis on privacy, anonymity, and freedom of speech.

2.)  Opera

Safari is a great browser and it’s quite easy to use as well, but if you have a Mac, you might also be interested in Opera. Opera has been around for a very long time and has gained quite a bit of traction among people who appreciate the features that Safari lacks.

The main reason why Opera is such an attractive alternative for Mac users is the lack of those annoying ads in the browser.

3.)  Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the world’s most popular web browser. Firefox is more popular than every major web browser except for Chrome, but it doesn’t have the largest market share. Mozilla Firefox is the current best alternative for Mac users who want better browsing and video playback than Safari.

4.)  Google Chrome

Chrome has been downloaded over 1 billion times across all platforms since being released in 2008 and is used by approximately 16% of all Internet users worldwide. Google Chrome, the default web browser in macOS 10.12 High Sierra, has the advantage of being simple to use and very stable.

Its advanced features like tabbed browsing combined with its speed make it a popular choice among web developers who build software for macOS.

5.) Maxthon

Maxthon is a free, open-source web browser for the Mac. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and CSS Animation to deliver an impressive user experience on the web. Maxthon has been updated to include additional features, such as plugins and extensions that support RSS feeds and other features.

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