5 Promising Cryptocurrencies that you can buy in May 2021

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Written by William Johnson

While investing in cryptocurrency, it’s preferable to buy the cheapest one. So best five promising cryptocurrencies are-

  1. Lucky Block:

This is a cryptocurrency and lottery platform. It mainly uses blockchain technology. This keeps on working on improving the traditional system. The entire process of buying a lottery is very much fair here. The transaction is very much faster here. Multiple prize draws are conducted here. As there is no boundary, people worldwide can participate in the prize draw. It already has acquired 20K+ members in the telegram group.

  1. Avalanche:

It is the most promising and new exciting cryptocurrency to date. This is a high-speed blockchain. It uses three blockchains instead of one chain. Per one second, it can process about 4500 transactions. It is the fast and most reliable cryptocurrency ever.As the tasks are divided, the transaction speed becomes fast here. It has become the competitor of Ethereum in recent times.

  1. Shiba Inu:

Launched only in 2020, it has achieved immense popularity in a short period. Less than 12 months of trading, it has reached 40 million percent. Though gain here is not easy here, still, there is a lot of potential. It currently does a significant amount of exchange.

  1. Bitcoin:

It is called the oldest and king of all cryptocurrencies to date. These are also the best-traded cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t involve any administrator here. All the transactions here are publicly broadcasted. The information of the transactions is collected after every ten minutes or so. They are exchangeable, just like the cash. Not all businesses may accept bitcoins. To use bitcoins, one should start to understand their functionality of them.

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  1. Ethereum:

Ethereum is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies of today’s date. It was introduced in 2014 for the first time. The basic principle behind it is cryptography. Executable codes are the primary domain of transactions here. It mainly uses blockchain technology like many other cryptocurrencies. It is called the “The world’s programmable blockchain.” This investment can be very worthwhile for you. For example, if you are inverting 1000 US dollars now, you may get 1-2 million US dollars in six years.


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