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Written by James Oliver

Funnily, the idea which has become synonymous with emails is the Gmail. Speed and reliability are inseparable elements of the platform. Just like all other things in the world, however, even the Gmail has some issues to be resolved. For example, inability to receive mails and slowing down. Likewise, sometimes it is difficult to download the attachments. Let us look at the solutions to this problem.

  • Updating the Browser

Sometimes, an outdated browser can be the cause behind the inability to download attachments. Latest version of the Browser should be downloaded as soon as possible.

* Google Chrome

Tap on three-dot menu, select ‘Help’ and then select ‘About Google Chrome’. This will automatically update Chrome.

* Microsoft Edge.

Tap on three-dot menu, select ‘Help and Feedback’ and then select ‘About Microsoft Edge’. This would automatically update Microsoft Edge.

After updating browser, you need to restart it before rechecking if you are now able to download attachments on the Gmail app.

  • Disabling Antivirus

At times, Antivirus programs and firewalls may restrict the downloading of files. Thus, the solution here is to temporarily disable them.

  • Clearing Cookies as well as Browser Cache

There is a conception that cookies and cache increase speed. This is true. The problem arises only when these cookies/ cache are corrupted. These corrupted cookies/ cache, in turn, prevent the downloading of these files. What now? Obviously, clear out the cache data from the browser or gmail app.

  • Checking Advanced Settings

Gmail is a very cool app. It carries various experimental characteristics under the Gmail Lab settings. Sometimes, these settings may obstruct the downloading of attachments on Gmail.

  • Utilize supported Browsers

If you’re habituated to use browsers like Vivaldi, Maxthon, Opera etc., Gmail sometimes doesn’t let you download attachments. This is because these aren’t Gmail’s supported browsers. For smooth functioning, Gmail needs cookies and Javascript to be on in browsers. You need to be sure that the options aren’t disabled yet.

Difficulty in downloading attachments, sometimes, is a true heartache. These 5 simple hacks, however, can save you this trouble. These hacks are easy and don’t take much time. A simple knowledge of these can be a true saviour. We now know the treatment to this dreadful issue!

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A pure vegetarian, who believes in reincarnation & law of karma and follows the philosophy of “Live and let others Live” because all living beings have equal right on the resources of this planet. Being from a finance background, he loves to write about business aspects of the trends.